About NIPM

National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) is one of the premier All India Body of Professional Managers engaged in the profession of Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Labour Welfare and HRD in the country. It is a non profit making Body registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960 devoted to the development skill and expertise of the professional engaged in the management of human resources through regular lecture meetings, seminars, workshops for updation of legal & professional matters, conferences and publication in its Chapters all over the country.

NIPM was established in the year 1980, after the merger with the erstwhile Indian Institute of Personnel Management (IIPM) (founded in 1948 at Calcutta, now Kolkata) and National Institute of Labour Management (NILM) (established in 1950 at Bombay, now Mumbai). Its National office is located at Kolkata and chapters in most capital cities and major industrial towns all over the country. New chapters are being added every year, depending upon the congregation of members in major industrial locations.

Origin & Evolution of Trivandrum Chapter

NIPM Trivandrum Chapter is one of the oldest and best Chapters in the country, and has always been in the forefront in organizing various professional activities involving Executives and HR professionals enabling them to upgrade their skills and knowledge in tune with the changing time. Trivandrum Chapter has also been conducting a prestigious Two year Post Graduate Programme in Personnel Management for the last three decades. It produced more than 750 dynamic professionals who are holding senior positions in various organizations in India and abroad. NIPM Trivandrum Chapter has its own building with a furnished A/c training hall located at Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum and we used to conduct various training programs using this facility. "The NIPM Trivandrum chapter has more than 180 members in addition to institutional members and 90 student members in its rolls. . Trivandrum Chapter is one of the vibrant Chapters in the country and received Best Chapter award for its performance on number of occasions from NIPM National council. NIPM Trivandrum Chapter has been regularly organising Workshops and Training programmes as part of its Human Resources Development initiatives. The Trivandrum Chapter is also conducting Advanced Programme on Labour Law for HR Excellence . NIPM Student Chapters are formed in different B Schools in Trivandrum and Kollam Districts and special programmesare beingorganised by the Chapter for the benefit of the student members of the Chapter.


1. NIPM Trivandrum Chapter is one of the oldest and best Chapters in the country.
2. Received Best Chapter Award for its performance on number of occasions from the National Council.
3. Silver Jublee Annual National Conference of NIPM was hosted by Trivandrum Chapter in 2007.
4. Former Chairman Infosys, Shri Narayana Moorthy inaugurated this conference.
5. Trivandrum Chapter conducted the Regional Conference on number of occassions.
6. The Chapter has its own building in the heart of the city.

We Strive towards

1. Creating and sharing new knowledge and insights for business & people management
2. Espousing global quality standards for people practices
3. Promoting people development agenda.
4. Providing critical support & solutions to business, governmentand other stakeholders
By leveraging own Expertise, through Collaborations and by Networking

To be the most valued organization of HR professionalsin India and an acclaimed global contributor to HR Excellence

The main objectives of the Institute, as enshrined in its Constitution are :

  • To spread the knowledge on the approach, principles, practices, techniques and methods regarding personnel management, industrial management, industrial relations labour and social welfare and industrial jurisprudence in all their bearings.
  • To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences and collection and dissemination of information on management in general ,and personnel management, industrial relations, human resources development and labour and social welfare, in particular.
  • To sponsor, promote, encourage, conduct and contribute to the study and research and impart instructions in any subject touching any or all aspects of personnel management, industrial relations, labour and social welfare, industrial legislation, and industrial jurisprudence, including their social, sociological, political and economic background and context.
  • To promote and safeguard the status and the interests of personnel management, industrial relations and labour welfare at work places and the interests of those engaged therein.
  • To represent the Institute and its interests before Local, State and Central authorities and other organisations, commissions, boards, enquiry bodies, etc., in India and abroad.


NIPM is a member of the International Industrial Relations Association, Geneva (IIRA) and the Asian Pacific Federation for Personnel Management (APFPM), which in turn is affiliated to the World Federation of Personnel Management Association (WFPMA).

NIPM also regularly interacts with Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), UK, and Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), USA.

NIPM maintains close contact with International Labour Organisation (ILO), Geneva and its area office at New Delhi.

Code of Ethics

Every member of the Institute has to abide by the following code of ethics.

  • Subscribe to the aims and objectives of the National Institute of Personnel management and be bound by its constitution;
  • Recognise and accept the dignity of an individual as human being, irrespective of religion, language, caste or creed;
  • Maintain high standard of integrity and behaviour demanded by the profession;
  • Conduct myself as a responsible member of the management team committed to the achievement of the organizational goals;
  • Take keen interest in the establishment of healthy personnel practices and development of the profession;
  • Try to win confidence and gain respect of the employers and employees and make myself available to them to provide formal and informal intervention to resolve industrial conflicts;
  • Endeavour to enhance the good name of my profession in dealing with other professional bodies, government departments, and employers' and employees' organisations;
  • Cooperate in maximizing the effectiveness of profession by exchanging information and experience freely with other members;
  • Not allow any interest other than professional to interfere with my official work;
  • Not interfere with the right of association of the employees;
  • Not disclose any information of a confidential nature that I may acquire in the course of my professional work without obtaining the consent of those concerned and shall not use confidential information for personal gains;
  • Not accept or offer any improper gratification in any form or manner whatsoever in connection with or the course of my professional work; and
  • Not take or acquiesce in any such action which may bring the Institute/and or the profession into disrepute.